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What is the Best Way to Repair Metal Roof Leaks on Low Slope Industrial Roofing?

What is the best way to repair metal roof leaks?

Metal is the number one choice for industrial roofing, and for good reason. Metal is durable, inexpensive, and long-lasting. When water leaks occur, it’s time to repair your roof. What is the best way to repair metal roof leaks on low slope industrial roofing?

What is the Best Way to Repair Metal Roof Leaks on Low Slope Industrial Roofing?

The first sign of a leaking roof is often a puddle which appears during every rain storm.

What is the best way to repair metal roof leaks?A leaking roof can quickly become more than a nuisance. Employees can slip and fall on unexpected puddles and potentially injure themselves. Water can also damage items which are in storage. Mold and mildew grow quickly in damp conditions, causing stains, bad smells, and poor air quality for employees.

Water damage is harmful to any type of roof, but is especially damaging to metal roofing. Left unchecked, water damage can lead to rust. Both your building’s structural support and your roofing can be weakened by rust.

Repairing a roof leak as soon as possible can save you costly damages and repairs over time.

Why do Metal Roofs Leak?

Although metal is durable, it’s not indestructible. Metal roofs leak for a variety of reasons, and sometimes a combination of causes.

  • Age: All roofs have a finite lifespan, and metal roofing is no exception. Older roofs have endured time and the elements, leading to more opportunities for water to seep between seams and into your building.
  • Maintenance: A well-maintained roof  is one which replaces worn panels, applies sealant regularly, and addresses leaks almost as soon as they start, keeping the contents of the building safe and dry. The opposite is also true. Poorly maintained metal roofs allow water into the building, potentially damaging contents and posing safety hazards to employees.
  • Heat and Cold: Extreme heat and cold cause stress to your roofing, especially rapid temperature fluctuations. Metal roofs can heat up well above 150°F in the summertime. A sudden rain storm can drop that temperature in no time at all. The constant expansion and contraction of the metal can lead to weakened roof structures and joints, eventually leading to leaks and rust.

Maintaining your metal roofing is key to draining water away from the contents of your building, protecting against the elements, and keeping both the occupants and contents inside your building dry.

Repairing Low-Slope Metal Roofing

Durable, resilient, long-lasting, and cost-friendly, metal roofing is the top choice for industrial roofing. Over time, all metal roofs will need repairs. There are several options to repair low-slope metal roofing.

  • Retrofitting: A faulty metal roof can be fixed by placing a second roof over the top, stopping leaks until the retrofitted roof begins to leak and rust.
  • Replacement: Replacing a roof is another way to stop roof leaks; however, this option can be costly depending on the size and number of buildings needing replacement roofs.

Roof coatings, on the other hand, can restore even rusty roofs back to brand new condition at a budget-friendly cost, and protect your roof for years to come.

Repair Your Roof With Cold Process Roofing

Protect your products and your employees, and prolong the life of your buildings with over 40 years’ experience at Cold Process Roofing.

Instead of the roof absorbing the elements, heat, and rain, our white elastomeric coating does all the work. Resilient enough to withstand 15 years of weather, white elastomeric coating is stretchy, not rigid, so it expands and contracts with your building.

Benefits of White Elastomeric Coating:

  • What is the best way to repair metal roof leaks?Stop further damage: A white elastomeric coating system shields a rustproofing layer that stops further damage and deterioration.
  • Save energy: The white coloration reflects 90% of the sun’s rays, which helps you reduce the amount of electricity needed to cool your building during the summer.
  • Reduce temperature fluctuations: The maximum temperature of a roof with white elastomeric coating is 100°, as opposed to 150° and more without. The reduced fluctuations create less stress on the metal, prolonging its lifespan.
  • Repeatable: White elastomeric roof coatings stop all leaks for 15 years, adding life to your roof which is renewable as needed.

Leaking roofs don’t go away on their own, and only get worse with time. Repair your leaking roof and protect the well-being of your products and your employees.