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Aluminum Coating System Application Process

Aluminum Coating System for Metal Roofs

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 Step by Step Application Process

1Equipment and Materials Setup

2Pressure-Washing & Rust Priming (Stoppage) Metal Roof Surface

Pressure-wash the entire roof surface, clean all gutters, and remove all unwanted, previously-applied materials. The roof must be perfectly clean to ensure proper bonding of the coating material.

Prime all rust with a zinc-chromate rust-primer and inhibitor. Rust must be stopped or else it will continue to eat through the roof and coating.

3Apply Seam Tape to All Metal Roof Seams – Lap Seams, Penetrations, Transitions, Holes

We apply this polyester-reinforced butyl seam tape to all ridge cap and end lap horizontal seams, vertical seams with more than a 1/4 inch gap, penetration seams including curbs, vents, stacks, and transition seams, including wall rakes and end rake seams. This is the first in a two-step process we call the Waterproofing System in which we seal and protect all water entry points.

4Top-Dress (Apply) Acrylic Patching Cement to All Seam Tape and Fasteners

We apply this acrylic patching cement overtop of all seam tape applied in the previous step, and also to all other entry points such as fasteners and roof holes. This is the second in a two-step process we call the Waterproofing System in which we seal and protect all water entry points.

5Spray-Apply One Uniform Coat of Aluminum Coating

We spray-apply the Aluminum metal roof coating, attaining a uniform surface. The standard application requires one coats, at a minimum of 20 mils (milliliters), providing 15-18 years of additional roof life. This coating application can be applied warm or cold, but does require the ambient temperature to be above 30 degrees to cure properly.

OptBrush-Apply Black Liquid Rubber into Sealed, Primed, Valley Gutters (Optional)

Inside of valley gutters we pressure-wash, prime rust, scab on new metal if rust has eaten through the metal, seal all seams, top-dress with acrylic patching cement, and coat the entire brush-apply the sides and bottom of the valley gutter with a black liquid rubber. This solution lasts 15-18 years, and holds up extremely well under ponding water.