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Aluminum Coating System Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminum Coating System for Metal Roofs

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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Want to Restore your Metal Roof but Don’t Care About Every Leak? – 20% Savings

We can apply coating systems without the full seam-sealing Waterproofing System underneath, and save you around 20%. We address your current leaks and most vulnerable and potential leak entry points in a target fashion rather than throughout the entire roof. For some clients, this savings is more important than comprehensive leak elimination.

What is in the Aluminum Coating Material?

We use only premium, industrial-grade fibered aluminum coatings, manufactured from the finest aluminum leafing pigments, quality refined asphalt, reinforced fibers, and petroleum distillates, exceeding the composition requirements of ASTM D2824-85, type III (non-aspestos).

How is the Aluminum Coating System applied?

To achieve the standard 15-year system, the oil-based (mineral spirits) Aluminum is applied in a one-coat, uniform, spray-applied process.

What are the possible risks during application of the White Elastomeric Coating?

Air temperature must exceed 30 degrees to spray and properly adhere and cure this product to the roof. As with any spraying, wind can drive coating materials over the edge of the roof.  We are covered fully on all of these insurance issues.  Unexpected rain can cause delays and minimal material loss (because of it’s oil base). All costs associated with material loss are covered by CPR.

Is this a water-based or oil-based (mineral spirits) product?