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Waterproofing System Frequently Asked Questions

Waterproofing System for Metal Roofs

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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I apply the Waterproof System to a section of my roof or facility?

Yes, we allow customization of roof section break-up, scope of work break-up, etc.  (see Why-Coat? – Easy to Taylor to Budget).

How long does the Waterproof System take to apply?

For every 15,000 – 20,000 Sq. Ft., estimate 1 week.

In a roof’s age, what point should a Waterproofing System be applied?

As the building ages, the expansion and contraction of the roof will create more leaks. If you are repeatedly seeing new leaks every storm, it shows that patching isolated leaks will not do the trick – at this point, the Waterproof System is needed.

Which roof surfaces can a Waterproofing System be applied?

Metal, Single-Ply (EPDM Rubber, Hypalon, PVC), BUR, Cement, with Polyurethane Foam, Brick, Ceramic, Other Coatings, etc. (see All Roof Types). Rock covered roofs of any type cannot receive the Waterproof System treatment. The cleaning, repair, waterproofing precedures and materials vary from one roof type to another.

What happens when the Waterproofing System wears out? Do I have to coat?

When the 5-year warranty runs out, these areas should recieve a touch-up (top-dress with acrylic patching cement). Many times, based on the age when the first Waterproof System was installed, it’s probably time to install a Coating System for round two.