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White Acrylic Elastomeric Coating System Overview and Benefits

White Acrylic Elastomeric Coating System for Metal Roofs

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All metal roofs leak and rust over time due to constant exposure to the elements and extreme temperature fluctuations. Metal roofs also get really hot, increasing the energy costs to cool the building or creating unbearable working conditions. These problems cause big headaches—and even bigger expenses—for building managers.

The White Acrylic Elastomeric Coating System is the most widely used, sustainable system for metal roof restoration, providing a large array of benefits: leak elimination, roof protection, roof life extension, metal roof cooling, energy conservation, and more. For metal roof restoration and protection, there’s no better value. The 15-year system costs only $1.20-$1.70/sq.ft.

The application process includes three simple steps: complete waterproofing to eliminate leaks, rustproofing to stop and prevent rust, and the application of the White AE Coating, a seamless, spray-applied, industrial-grade, pure-acrylic metal roof coating.


Stop All Leaks for 15 Years

All potential roof leak entry points are sealed prior to coating application.

This process is identical to that of the Waterproofing System, sealing every roof entry point, including seams, fasteners, flashings, penetrations, and skylights to ensure that water will not get into the building.

Stop All Rust and Deterioration

All metal roof rust is rustproofed and deterioration controlled.

We spray-apply a zinc-chromate primer to all rusted areas, including rust on the metal roof surface, walls, flashings, and roof equipment.

Protect & Extend Roof Life

Protect Your Property Investment by adding 15 years of life to your roof surface.

We spray approximately 20 mils (20 sheets of paper thick) of material, uniformly across the roof to ensure even wear over the 15-year coating lifespan. Industrial-grade coatings wear at a rate of about 1 mil / year, allowing us to estimate a uniform durability of at least 15 years. During that time the entire roof will be protected from weather, rain, and further degradation – rather, the coating will take the hit. And all of the waterproofing work underlying the coating will also be protected, ensuring the interior stays dry.

10-Year Warranty Backed by 40 Years of Experience

You’re protected by a 10-year Leak-Work-Material Warranty backed by a 40-Year Metal Roof Coating Company.

Cold Process Roofing Sample WarrantyLike most warranties, our 10-Year Warranty is relative to the 15-Year durability of the coating system. And the durability is directly proportional to the amount of coating that is applied. The industry standard for coating application intervals is 15 years, but upon request we are willing to apply more coating and provide a longer warranty.

Green Benefits

Long-Term Sustainability – Re-Coat Every 15 Years

Re-coat Every 15 Years at Reduced Cost ($.85-1.35) and with No Environmental Impact

Coating Renewability

The warranty runs out at year 10, but the coating system will last anywhere from 15-18 years before wearing down and exposing the underlying rust / deterioration control and leak-proofing / seam-sealing repairs. Once this point is reached, a White Acrylic Elastomeric Re-Coat is the best solution, costing 30% less because it only requires cleaning, minor repairs, and re-coating. This process can be repeated every 15 years or so, endlessly, without ever affecting the repairs and seam-sealing waterproofing work that underlies the coating.


No Environmental Impact

Roof coatings are spray-applied to deteriorated roofs to restore them back to brand new condition, and help to conserve energy. Whereas roof retrofitting requires a second roof to be put on top of the deteriorated roof, adding to the total material resources used. And roof replacement demands that the entire roof be thrown away causing tremendous waste.

Huge Energy Cost Savings for Buildings with AC

Air-Conditioned Buildings Save Energy – The Coating Pays for Itself

White Coating Reflects 90% of the Sun, Cooling Metal Roofs


A metal roof can reach temperatures of 180 degrees on a hot summer day, but after the White AE Coating is applied, 90% of the sun is reflected and the maximum roof temperature is 100 degrees.

Cool Metal Roofs Save Energy by Reducing Air Conditioner Usage

Normally the solar heat transfers to the metal, and through convection the heat gets into the building, forcing air-conditioners to work harder. By reflecting this sun, the air-conditioning costs are lowered by 18% (industry average) depending on the total airspace under the roof, the air temperature, and solar exposure.  At this rate, the roof coating can easily pay for itself over the its 15 year life, and faster in some cases.

Reduced Building Movement, and Coating Elasticity

Normally a metal roof will experience temperature fluctuations of up to 100 degrees, for example a 180 degree hot metal roof cooling quickly to 90 degrees right after a rain shower. This temperature fluctuation puts tremendous pressure on the metal roof panels as they expand and contract (you can hear the roof cracking from inside), but a cool white metal roof drastically reduces building movement (70%), putting much less pressure on the roof at its weakest points, the seams and transitions.   Also, the coating can stretch up to 400%, allowing it to easily hold its integrity during metal building movement.

Non Air-Conditioned Building? – Cooler Roof = Cooler Working Conditions and Thankful Workers

For non-AC buildings, workers and customers enjoy a much cooler environment.