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Metal Roof Leak Repair Service

Leak Repair Service for Metal Roofs


40 Years of Stopping Metal Roof Leaks

  • Immediate Response
  • 5-Year Warranty in 10-Foot Radius of Leak Spots
  • 8-Year Durability
  • Commitment to Solving Challenging, Persistent Leaks

We repair metal roof leaks on a case-by-case basis for customers who prefer minimizing cost and maximizing problem focus.  We provide a 5-year warranty for individual leaks, applying to a 10-foot radius from the spot of each leak inside the building, usually on the ground, ceiling tile, or insulation bubble.  Our leak response time is immediate, and for buildings that are under warranty, we come back until leaks are completely eliminated.  Because of our extensive and specialized experience with metal roofs, we have made warranty commitments to some of the most challenging and persistent leaks that exist.

How we stop metal roof leaks

We seal with polyester-reinforced butyl seam tape and acrylic patching cement (as seen in pictures), a product combination that has proven to be durable 8 years, and uniquely effective for the ever-shifting nature of metal roofs. Furthermore, we have incorporated a wide array of creative techniques for leak identification and leak repair, enabling us to provide a 5-Year warranty.


Why are metal roof leaks so hard to find sometimes?

A lot of times metal roof leaks cannot be sealed based on where the leak hits the ground. Water can travel on beams, pipes, and end up a long way away from its entry point, so its important to hire someone with specialized knowledge in solving these problems.

How far will you travel to fix just a few metal roof leaks?

For new customers, anything 2 hours away radius of our Chapel Hill, NC or Atlanta, GA offices can be fixed at normal prices.  Anything further will be at a higher price based on travel.  For warranty support of existing customers, all leaks will be fixed for free regardless of job location.