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Widespread Rust and Corrosion

Metal Roof Problems & Solutions

 Rust and Corrosion 

Widespread Rust – Rust forms and spreads, causing corrosion to the entire metal roof surface.

Un-primed Painted Rust – Rust breaks through chipped and cracked paints and coatings that were improperly applied.

Chemical-Caused Rust – Factory chemicals previously exhausted onto roof caused rust to form to the surrounding area.

Rust From Underside – Leaking fasteners caused insulation saturation that rusted through metal roof panels from the underside.

Valley Gutter Rust – Clogged downspouts and poor roof water drainage caused valley gutters to hold water too long and rust more quickly and prematurely.

Fastener Rust – Fasteners began to rust and spread rust to the metal roof surface.

Fixture Rust – Roof pipes, vents, and stacks dripped and spread rust onto roof, causing roof to rust.

Downspouts from a higher roof section slow and steadily drain onto a lower roof causing premature rust along these panels.