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Stop Metal Roof Leaks, Rust, & Energy Waste. Start Saving.

For 40+ years Cold Process Roofing has maximized the value and preservation of commercial and industrial metal roofs for tenants, owners, and investors.

40+ Years Restoring Metal Roofs

Our family-owned business has taken care of metal roofs since 1973. Our primary goal is maximize cost efficiency and long-term metal roof sustainability. We’re happy to show you completed projects in your area or an extensive reference list.

Spray-Application of Aluminum Coating over Rust-Primed and Sealed Metal Roof in La Grange MD

Featured Project – Thermcraft Thermal Equipment, Winston Salem NC, White Elastomeric Coating System

Like many industrial facilities, the Thermcraft facility in Winston Salem NC is part air-conditioned in their office and part non-air-conditioned in their back warehouse. Their facility was riddled with persistent widespread leaking, around fasteners, ridge cap seams, field horizontal seams, wall rake seams, and around penetrations. There was one seam transition where they had tried repeatedly to seal but had been unsuccessful due to using the wrong materials and methods. They were also interested in reducing interior temperatures for worker comfort and reducing air conditioning related energy costs in the front office section.  Read More

Compare Long-Term Metal Roof Waterproofing & Coating Systems

Waterproofing System »


Metal Roof Waterproofing System Phase Complete No Leaks

Commonly applied to early to middle-aged metal roofs with widespread, persistent leaking but very little rust or deterioration.

Aluminum Coating System »


Aluminum Coating System Spray-Applied to Metal Roof in La Grange Maryland

Applied to older metal roofs with rust and deterioration, with or without major leak problems, without air conditioning.

White AE Coating System »


Spray-Application of White Acrylic Elastomeric Coating System to Metal Roof from Above

Applied to all age metal roofs with any/all of these problems: rust and deterioration, leak problems, roof heat & energy waste.

Carolina Steel (1985)

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Thermcraft (WP + White Elastomeric)

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Mariott Maintenance Warehouse

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Historical Home in Wilmington, NC

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Hollmet Recycling

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Thermcraft (Waterproof System)

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Rusted Roofs – Overview Pictures

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