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The completeness and reinforcement of the Waterproofing + Coating Systems eliminates 99% of all leaks for the system life.  The 8-year Waterproofing system focuses on all water entry points, and the Coating System adds 15 more years of protection on top.  The remaining 1% of leaks are obscure cases that we handle quickly and thoroughly through our 5 or 10 year leak warranty, or our Leak Elimination Service when the warranty expires.  Tenants are also extremely pleased with our installation process because it’s completely non-disruptive.

Metal Roof Coating System Warranty Options

A 5-year warranty is our default with Waterproof and Coating Systems, but a 10-year warranty is also available.  We believe that in the first 5 years the roof will be fully tested with storms like this one. For the obscure leaks, we come back promptly and address each leak extensively, using our 35 years experience in metal roof leak elimination.

For customers wanting more security, we suggest the 10-year leak proof warranty and strongly encourage you to call our references.  We want to give customers the piece of mind that we always come back, no matter the difficulty of the leak or location of the building.  (Request Reference List)